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More New Nonfiction

September 10, 2008

Three books dealing with math at various levels (and if you’re looking for a book for yourself, why not check out One to Nine: The Inner Life of Numbers by Andrew Hodges?

These two are huge books, with even larger fold-out illustrations, and they are sure to be a hit with kids who cannot get enough of trains, planes, automobiles, dump trucks, etc.

As you may know, we have a small selection of children’s books in Spanish. To that, we now add one bilingual story book and a well-done introduction to Cinco de Mayo. That holiday is a long way off, of course, but you can dream about it during the long, cold winter months.

Hidden back at the end of the juvenile stacks are the juvenile biographies, many of which you may remember from your youth: Amelia Earhart, Kansas Girl or Patrick Henry, Boy Spokesman. I keep these out of nostalgia, but we also have new biographies coming in. Here’s a selection with something for every age and interest:

Science and Nature, from parasites to dinosaurs:

Two books of tales, one full of short selections and one of longer retellings:

And a grab bag of history and culture:

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